Fans Console Each Other as Favourites Brazil Knocked Out of 2018 World Cup by Belgium


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

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Friday, July 6, 2018


Hopes were high and many fancied them as favourites! It was not to be though, as Brazil's football fans have been left crying on each other's shoulders after their team was knocked out of the World Cup at the hands of a dominant Belgium team.

Belgium have been playing superb football this entire World Cup, thus it was no surprise that they were the ones to knock out Brazil. It was not an easy feat though, as Brazil provided stiff resistance with many chances near target, but none converting into the back of the net.

It will be a song of "better luck next time" for Brazil with them not being able to exorcise the demons of their last World Cup semi-final defeat to Germany on home soil.  

All over the world Brazillian fans were anticipating their team to march forward towards another World Cup finals.

The Associated Press reported; "Brazilians had crowded plazas and bars to watch the quarterfinal game on Friday afternoon local time. In Rio de Janeiro’s Maua Square, the atmosphere was festive and light ahead of the game, with the weekend and a hoped-for win on the horizon."

The AP reported further; "When Belgium scored first and then again before halftime, the atmosphere grew more tense. Some still shouted: “I believe!”

Brazil is a country that goes crazy for football. It serves to ease the country's anxieties in a time of tough economic conditions and political turmoil.

Brazil are Five-time World Cup Winners champions.

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