Fly Fishing: The Unlikely Excursion Hooking Bahamian Angler

Fly fishing in the waters of The Bahamas

Jesson and Co / MNI Alive

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


With 700 diverse islands (and countless smaller cays) within its sprawling archipelago, it’s perhaps no surprise that The Bahamas has become a destination of choice for adventure-loving Canadian travellers. The teeming azure waters of the luxury destination naturally lend themselves to all manner of aquatic excursions, while its forests, beaches, and unique geography sustain just about every type of hiking, biking and sightseeing.

Yet, surging in popularity amongst locals and visitors of late is an excursion many may associate more with the rivers and streams of North America than with any tropical paradise. Fly fishing - the simultaneously relaxing and exciting pastime - has taken off in the tranquil seas and placid flats that comprise so many square miles of The Bahamas, luring expert and newbie anglers in the pursuit of reeling in a bonefish, snapper or tarpon.

“Why fly fishing? Why in The Bahamas?!”, we pretend you ask. The answer is simple:


  1. It’s accessible: Fly fishing uses minimal equipment that is especially light in weight, reducing the barrier to entry. Expert observers in The Bahamas have partly credited this virtue with a noticeable uptick in female anglers on the islands. The Bahamas also has an incredibly robust infrastructure of fishing guides and instructors, making it easy for beginners to start on the right foot. 
  2. The locale is ideal: The environs of The Bahamas are breathtakingly beautiful, providing plenty of visual stimulation (and profound relaxation) as anglers soak up that warm Caribbean sun. The incredible biological diversity of The Bahamas also contributes to an experience that can be tailored to your level of proficiency: beginners can fish for bonefish in the flats, while experts board a charter in search of marlin. 
  3. It’s a different experience every time: Each island in The Bahamas presents a new opportunity for fly fishers. Some specialize in spear and deep-sea fishing, while others (like Abaco) are known for their bone fishing. Andros Island and New Providence Island are popular destinations but are only the tip of the iceberg. In The Bahamas, you can fish almost wherever you want and always at your own pace. 

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