Fly High at Antigua and Barbuda’s International Kite Festival

Antigua and Barbuda's Kite Festival, photo courtesy of Chaos Media

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024


Remember the joy of childhood, where many a sunny afternoon was spent chasing a fluttering kite through the summer breeze? It’s becoming something of a lost art now: a nostalgic hobby that now faces steep competition for youthful attention spans from the many digital attractions of the tablet. Whether you retain warm memories of those halcyon days or perhaps have never flown a kite before, we invite you to (re)discover that whimsical feeling and journey to the country of Antigua and Barbuda for its 19th annual International Kite Festival.

While flying kites in the Caribbean is widely enjoyed year-round, Easter weekend is when kites take to the skies in abundance. As you watch these traditionally decorated kites dance across the sky, let your creative side emerge and feel your inner child be awakened. Entranced by the bright colours and majestic movements, let your adult worries melt away and take a well-deserved break to enjoy the magnificence of an event that speaks to the enduring appeal of life’s simple pleasures.

Where Kites Take Flight

Taking place on Easter Monday, guests at the International Kite Festival will find themselves under clear blue skies at Devil's Bridge National Park. This carefully selected location is a stunning natural rarity outside the village of Willikies. Offering panoramic vistas of the North Atlantic Ocean, locals and travellers (both young and young at heart) are invited to this sprawling limestone span. With eyes to the sky, a panoply of colourful kites will fill the azure horizon, creating a sight sure to leave a lasting impression.

Kite-flying 101

Ideally situated in The Caribbean, Antigua and Barbuda offers the best winds for all things flying. If you haven’t flown a kite in a while, allow us to refresh you: stand with your back to the wind, hold your kite by the bridle point, and cast your line out. If there is sufficient wind, your kite will ascend. Allowing your kite to fly away from you slightly, pull in on the line as the kite points up, helping it to climb. Repeat this process until your kite gains the altitude necessary for steady flight. No prior experience necessary: let the fair winds of Antigua and Barbuda do the work!

Many of the denizens of Antigua and Barbuda take great pride in constructing their own kite. The practice has even become something of an art: here, local Calvin Pilgrim demonstrates the traditional Antiguan and Barbudan kite-making technique. 

What to Expect

With a jam-packed itinerary, this festival does not fall short of things to do. There are various hands-on workshops available, from creating your own kite to learning about its cultural roots on the island. You can even take it home as a cherished souvenir to remember for years to come. With your bespoke keepsake in tow, participate in the hotly anticipated kite-flying contest featuring awards for the biggest kite, smallest kite, best corporate kite, and most kites in the air. If that's not enough, the island also hosts boat cruises and picnics where you can indulge in delectable traditional dishes and tantalizing cocktails.

To be more specific, we list some of the highlights from the packed programming below:

  • Thursday, March 28: Indoor Kite Fly (featuring pro-kiters from the U.S.) at the Multi-Purpose Cultural Centre
  • Saturday, March 30: Kites & Cocktails, a night fly at Splash Antigua in Fort James
  • Monday, April 1: Easter Monday Fly at Devil’s Bridge

For nearly 20 years, hundreds of enthusiasts from across the globe have come together on the island of Antigua and Barbuda to commit their kites to the idyllic skies. As you wander the festival, be amazed by colours as beautiful as a rainbow. Start counting down the days and prepare to embrace your youthful spirit once again. For more on this joyous festival, visit

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