For Edgar Nkosi White, The Man Who Exposes The Lies of "The Kingdom" (Montserrat)


Jeevan A. Robinson - MNI Media

Release Date

Monday, February 18, 2019


Dear Edgar,

I accept. (you understand) 

The below came to me today, and is being recorded here with you in mind, my Dear Brother...

The Kingdom's Soul is Lost

They took our forefathers' practice of Spirituality away;
told them to cease as
such acts are Godless

They presented instead a version of God
that no questions were to be asked over -
Told them to pray and wait
for their heavenly deliverance.

They called an Ancestral Drum Jam a mockery!
Jumbie calling and spirit wooing..
But yet some eat flesh and blood
to commune with their deity.

Spirit filled souls clap in church; 
Saturday and Sunday they profess purity.
Monday to Friday they lose rationale
and practice dirty.

We often love the things outside of us,
as they shield the mirrors to our souls
that would otherwise reflect the complexities
that forced religion has compounded within us.

The Kingdom may have lost its Soul Edgar
Pray tell Dear Brother, what Spirits of old 
does your fife cause you to see. 

J A. Robinson

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