Go Green Mas Band Wants To Turn Toronto Green Come Caribana time


Stephen Weir

Release Date

Wednesday, February 26, 2020


Last year photographer and long-time filmmaker Jenny Baboolal was a little green behind the ears when it came to starting a new Mas Band. Now almost a year later, not only is she going green again but also plans to be bigger and better than in she was in 2019.

“My belief is that Going Green is a win-win proposition for everyone” Baboolal told the Caribbean Camera. ““Everyone is aware of the climate change crisis and we all want to make a difference.”

In 2019, Baboolal, and Calypsonian Roger Gibbs led a mini-parade of 20 masqueraders wearing green costumes, around Nathan Phillips Square during the City Hall Launch of the annual carnival. “This year I’d love to have enough people in green to encircle the Square.”

The Going Green group has a message to the world. “ We must reduce our carbon footprint!” To that end the masqueraders will be at the launch and the parade having fun and spreading the world about their environmental concerns. They have begun discussions with the Festival to work with the Children’s Parade so that the little ones can get Jumping up Green!

Her Go Green masqueraders will be on the road to promote the idea of being environmentally friendly whilst sharing and preserving the carnival traditions.
Baboolal realizes that the annual carnival does create a lot of waste, and pollution. Her soon-to-be nonprofit group wants to work with the festival organizers to green up the parade!

“ We also want to be a part of other festivals in the city this summer – Salsa, the Irie Festival, maybe even Pride.”

Going Green is off the mark early and is currently looking for sponsors, be it in funding or in donations of costume-making materials. The distinct green costumes are homemade by volunteers. Baboolal expects to double to size of the band to 40 greenies!

Baboolal hopes that fun loving, likeminded environmentally concerned revellers will don green and jump up and down the road with her this summer. She can be contacted at: jbaboolal@yahoo.ca

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