Google and Microsoft Collaborates to Create More Web Apps


Ryan Howard

Release Date

Tuesday, July 21, 2020


As announced by Paul Thurott earlier this month, Microsoft and Google are joining hands to bring more progressive web apps (PWAs) to Android users on Google play store. The news was confirmed late last week by Microsoft’s Judah Gabriel Himango over a medium post.

The two tech giants plan to create PWAs (Progressive Web Apps), which will be unveiled on Android smartphones. Similarly, the Borgata casino recently unveiled an android-compatible app for punters to easily access their interesting array of poker games. The android compatible app has an incredible user interface, and the bonus offerings are amazing. On the other hand, PWAs come with progressive enhancement strategies to bring applications-like user experience to cross-platform web apps.

PWA is a type of software distributed through the web, building standard web technologies that include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The design works on any platform that uses a web browser.

Microsoft’s PWA builders and Google’s bubble wraps are currently working together to help web developers obtain their PWAs into the Google play store. Microsoft’s PWA Builder is an open-source development tool that developers use to create high-quality web applications and publish them in application stores. 

According to Microsoft, the features in the expansion will not need a lot of effort for implementation. It will probably take some moments before your new features are available on the application. The new change will see more improved apps on your smartphone. That means that it is not interesting to see Microsoft in collaboration with Google working together to bring out more progressive web applications to android devices through the Google play store. 

The new features from the two tech giants announced progressive web application developer after a month of working together. The features include advanced android features and customization and web shortcuts support. 

Progressive web application developers can customize the appearance of the android navigation as well as the status bar by using Microsoft’s PWA builder.  Developers can be able to change the name of the launcher, use an existing key, configure package ID, and versioning, fallback behavior, push notification support and customize an android splash screen.

According to Judah Gabriel Himango of Microsoft, The two companies will work hand-in-hand to create more web apps that will support more features on android devices. Microsoft’s support is more than the native apps and devices like the surface duo. 

That gives app developers more reasons to use Microsoft tool kits. In addition to that, Google will get more app developers who create android friendly web applications instead of pointing users to generic applications inside a web browser.

 The android operating system has become more and more crucial to Microsoft. They are ready to change the mobile app and services companies and operating on their terms to developing a hardware system that is suited to their needs and wants. The decision by the tech giant will open new worlds of possibilities for which they can alter and create their creations; however, they like. 

The main reason for this change is Google’s new flagship phones, Google’s foresight, and the surface duo as how they will be able to modify the current operating system. Developers have more reasons to use the Microsoft toolkit, especially with the collaboration of Microsoft and Google. 

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