Hon Dr Samuel Joseph Speaking on a Lack of Leadership During the 2016 Ferry Cancellation Whilst in Opposition


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Tuesday, September 1, 2020


Today on ZJB Radio both Premier Hon Easton Taylor-Farrell and his Deputy Hon Dr Samuel Joseph appeared to address the Ferry contract termination fiasco caused by their MCAP Administration.

Hon Joseph and the Premier attempted to say to the public that they are about making tough decisions, amongst other justifications.

However, listen to Hon Joseph speaking several years ago, during 2016, when Former Premier Romeo terminated the Ferry contract at that time. Hon Joseph spoke on issues of Leadership then, and the need to not represent the interests of DFID on Montserrat in running the island's affairs. Hon Joseph also spoke about the low ferry passenger numbers not being excuse enough to terminate the Ferry back in 2016. So what now is different?

Listen to Hon Joseph back in 2016:

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