Hon Paul Lewis Presents Statement to the Legislative Assembly on Montserrat's Ongoing Access Issues - Both Air and Sea

Leader of the Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis

Hon Paul J, Lewis

Release Date

Tuesday, October 25, 2022


Leader of The Opposition on Montserrat, Hon Paul Lewis, on Tuesday October 25th, presented a statement regarding Montserrat's ongoing access issues at the adjournment of the day's sitting of the Montserrat Legislative Assembly (MLA). 

During his presentation Hon Lewis said: "We cannot as a developing country continue to say that we wish for Tourism to be a key pillar of our development, but yet continue to allow issues around Access to hinder and frustrate our efforts to foster and bring to reality for our citizens, our tourism product’s true potential."

He further mentioned that "the time has come for this dance we have been having around the Access issues for our country to cease, and the implementation of solutions to fix them to be finally actioned towards a viable and permanent solution."


Listen below to Hon Lewis' presentation on Montserrat's ongoing Access issues: 

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