Hon Paul Lewis Writes to ASSI Asking Why Twin Otter Passenger Numbers Into Montserrat Have Been Reduced

WinAir Twin Otter Aircraft letting off passengers

Hon Paul Lewis

Release Date

Thursday, November 10, 2022


Office of The Opposition

Justin Rothwell
Chief Operating Officer
Air Safety Support International
United Kingdom

I write in reference to a paper by Mr Justin Rothwell of Air Safety Support International entitled Aircraft Performance Basics.

I am concerned that the reduction of the passenger capacity to approximately half of the Twin Otter's maximum load will result in deeming Twin Otter operations (with present ticket rates) to be financially non-viable. This would result in an automatic reaction by operators to not utilize this aircraft type.

We find it a bit concerning that the Runway End Safety Area (RESA) submissions affected the DH6 Twin Otter aircraft and somehow not the presently operated islander aircraft. The question must be asked as to who benefits from the obvious disqualification of the Twin Otter from operating into the John A. Osborne Airport, despite almost two decades of flawless performance, contrary to the concerns expressed in the document. As the author correctly confirms, the Aerodrome was designed for use by the DH6 Twin Otter aircraft. There have been zero concerns expressed by the three companies that have so far operated this equipment into Montserrat

It is our conviction that this document was designed to create an environment hostile to operators and to a lesser extent introduce doubts into the minds of the traveling public.

This could be deemed as a gross overreach by the regulator to be venturing into the realms of operator financing. The language used suggests definitive conclusions and remedies. It also appears to suggest some urgency.

I am seeking your clarification on who commissioned this report and the purpose of it. I also seek further clarification if this is just an academic paper or does ASSI intend for the contents of the paper to be implemented to determine passenger load.

Best Regards

Paul Lewis
Leader of The Opposition

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