Hon Paul Lewis Writes to Delta Petroleum Manager Regarding Fuel Situation on Montserrat

Delta Petroleum Montserrat Depot

Hon Paul Lewis

Release Date

Wednesday, June 22, 2022


Delta Petroleum

19th June 2022

Dear Madam

I am seeking some information pertaining to the fuel situation here in Montserrat. You are aware, no regular gasoline has been imported or sold here for a long period spanning some several months. You would also be cognizant of the continuous increase in the high price of premium gasoline.

In these difficult economic times, the people of Montserrat can benefit from the difference between the cost of filling up a vehicle tank with premium gasoline versus regular. The savings that can be realised on every ten gallon of gas, purchasing regular gasoline, range from $40 to $50. This can make a difference for low income families. These families are without balanced meals, due to high inflation, and as you are aware high gasoline prices contribute to the overall high inflation experienced by all. 

I find it disconcerting that regular gasoline is still sold in other Delta supplied Territories but not in Montserrat. Why are the users of gasoline in Montserrat denied the option to purchase regular gasoline?

The importation and sale of regular gasoline will help alleviate the hardship on my people here in Montserrat. I am seeking a quick response, as the situation on the ground is dire.

I remain a concerned member of Parliament.


Paul Lewis

Leader of The Opposition

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