Hoodcelebrityy Share New Single “Catch It” Transporting You Back to Bashment – Basement Parties

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Ronnie Tomlinson - Destine Media

Release Date

Friday, January 7, 2022


Known for captivating music lovers with her infectious hooks and her ability to get fans moving while feeling empowered, Hoodcelebrityy is set to get fans dancing in parties again.

Hoodcelebrityy new single “Catch It” produced by Trackstarr, who also produced “Walking Trophy”, has a catchy hook and is reminiscent of the 2000’s dancehall scene. 

“I wanted to bring back real dancing vibe in parties. I recall going to parties back in the days and everyone was dancing, the music captivated everyone in such a way that we didn’t have time to take photos we were too busy on the dancefloor, that is the vibe of “Catch It” says Hoodcelebrityy.

A throwback to bashment basement parties when all people did was dance and have a good time, Hoodcelebrityy shares an authentic vibe and highlights a very popular dance in the tri-state back in 2014 called Bronx Wine created by Carlos Almonte “BB Bronx”.

“Catch it is a free-up song. When listening to this song I want people to dance and feel free… to go to a place where you can be stress free for a few minutes and have fun” says Hoodcelebrityy.

Hoodcelebrityy is also kicking off her Catch It Tour, performing at world renown Gramercy Theatre in New York City on January 23,2022. The concert, which is set to have surprise guests and live band accompanying Hoodcelebrityy, is slated to be a memorable event bringing her party vibe to a city near you.


With close to 100M in worldwide audio streams and over 75M in video views, Jamaican-born, singer-songwriter Hoodcelebrityy embodies female empowerment through her music with subjects that reflect real life. From celebrating women (“Walking Trophy”) to sexy party anthem (“Boom Pon It”), and inspirational affirmations like “Champion” Hoodcelebrityy’s music creates an undeniable mood for music lovers worldwide. 

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