How Deep Was Election Fraud in the Last Three St Vincent & The Grenadines Elections?

How Deep Was Election Fraud in the Last Three St Vincent & The Grenadines Elections?

Peter Binose

Release Date

Friday, October 3, 2014


How deep did the election fraud reach in our last three elections? We all know about the Red T shirts and bottles of strong rum. Many of us know from first hand observation that it went much deeper than that. People were given roofing and building materials. It was actually delivered to their homes, and in many cases they were given tickets to go and collect lumber and other materials from the government small works yard at Arnos Vale adjacent to the airport runway.

Much was state owned materials.

Delivery was made right up to 4am on the mornings of elections. Lumber, galvanised roofing, cement, sheep, goats, chickens, washing machines, cookers, refrigerators, 100 dollar notes in envelopes, you name it they got it. Much of the items distributed it was claimed was for damage caused by certain past storms, but hundreds if not thousands got items who had lost nothing and had no damage.

The people chosen as recipients of the hand outs were chosen only from those known as supporters of the party in power. So there is obviously some local collusion in input in the process, perhaps even what one could describe as a conspiracy, someone must have identified those who qualified politically as recipients. Some citizens observed deliveries of materials to homes which were undamaged. Whereby the observers had damage to their homes and got nothing.

Big jets carried party supporters to Barbados for their eventual arrival in Saint Vincent to vote. Flights paid for by the ruling party, come home to vote junkets. The law of SVG requires that a Vincentian or anyone that may be eligible to vote lives in the state on a permanent basis for the preceding six months to voting. But in practice if they have a an ID and they are on the voters list there is no way of knowing if they qualify and they are able to vote. The authorities know that but they encourage, even pay for them to return home to vote which at the very least is morally wrong if not a downright breach of the law. This procedure was even confirmed in WIKILEAK documents, with a description of how it worked.

Women were encouraged and in some cases directed to vote twice, by registering in their previous home or village in a maiden name if they are married, and also in there present abode with husband or boyfriend. Many people were encouraged to go and register for a second time in another constituency to boost their party colleagues and party electorate numbers in that constituency.

I say how deep was the fraud because if you remember ballot box's were found at the old government printery in Kingstown by children playing table tennis, fact not fiction.

Almost as many people registered on the voters list as the total number of men women and children in the state, many people who have been dead for years still on the list.

Now if all that can happen and we know about it, what happened that we don't know about? Were the voting figures rigged? were the ballot box's tampered with? Were whole box's replaced with box's that had false ballot papers in favour of the ruling party candidate in them? Now some of you reading this letter may well ask the question, why would I suggest such a thing? I go further than suggesting it, I believe if a group are willing to go to the lengths previously described, I believe they would stop at nothing. The thing that most triggers my belief was the finding of unsealed ballot box's, found in a back room of the old government printery in Kingstown, full of ballot papers.

The elections were described as free and fair by election observers. But they only reported on what happened at the poling stations, no violence, no obvious hanky panky. They took no interest in the bribery of part of the citizenship, they took no interest in flying hordes of voters in from the Diaspora to vote, they took no account of objections of ghost voters introduced at many polling stations.

Revolution Marxist style need not be by violence on the streets, it could simply be passive violence through the ballot box. Even passive violence through our Church’s, Marxist’s pretending to be Christians. Because its Marxist tradition to achieve power by whatever means possible.

What is Passive Violence?

When you frequently use the expression "shut up".

When you speak in an insulting language or tone of voice.

When you show disrespect to people and have no concern for their feelings.

When you call people nasty names with the result or hoped result of damaging their standing in society.

When you make nasty or even indecent facial and hand gestures at people who you take a disliking to.

When you watch while friends or followers insult or humiliate others.

When you behave selfishly.

When you have affairs and embarrass your family.

When you mimic or show disrespect for the way of life of others.

When you define people by their race, colour, gender or religion and in other ways consider them to be less than yourself.

When you engage in seemingly innocent bullying, pushing, pulling, poking, etc.

When you indulge in unwanted sexual touches or comments.

When you engage in action or comment that intimidates or upsets another person(s).

When you have no respect for yourself, you are then unlikely to have respect for others.

When you expect sexual favours because you spent time, money or attention on someone.

When you hand out educational favours, scholarships and such like for sexual favours.

When you influence the changing of laws retrospectively to save yourself from prosecution.

When you insult people and stand behind body guards.

Passive violence is the conscious ignoring of the physical, psychological, and emotional needs of a person/s even the citizenship; the conscious failure to ensure the safety of not just someone, but everyone under one’s care; or the failure to ensure the development of well-being of all under one’s care.”

According to Mahatma Gandhi, “passive violence fuels the fire of physical violence; and if we want to put out the fire of physical violence, logically we have to cut off the fuel supply.” According to Gandhi, acts of passive violence are the things that we do to disrespect other people’s lives, and political beliefs. These acts that we commit are actually a form of violence.

The greatest threat to the constitutional right to vote in the Caribbean is voter fraud and Marxism, and the unjust influence by organizations such as ALBA, and countries such as Cuba and Venezuela. Countries that pay leaders to take a country down the path of extreme socialism, Marxism and communism in general. Remember the dream of every Marxist leader is a one party state, and self power for ever.

Note: The opinions expressed in this piece are solely those of Peter Binose.


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