How to Live that Best Remote Life


Lindsay Myers

Release Date

Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Lindsay Myers, Access TV Personality, budget travel, and lifestyle expert and now remote guru, made the decision two years ago to live and work remotely. 

With Lindsay’s experience, she offers some great insight to MNI Media's readers on ‘how to live remote’. See below

What should you look for if you want to work remotely? 

First is safety. During the corona-virus, not all countries are taking Americans. Also. there are still many places in the US that are not safe. 

To go remotely, it is all about a new place. 

Do your research.  Try to avoid hot spots and find out what are the requirements for other countries and states. Even if it is for a one-month stint, you can get some rejuvenation in your life. 

What’s out there? 

Right now you can work remotely in Barbados, Bermuda, and Mexico. Barbados is offering 1-year visas if you work there to help build up their economy, you just have to pay $2,000 for the visa. Bermuda just asks for proof of employment and health insurance. The fee is just $260 for the year. You can stay in Mexico up to 6 months. Read up on the countries latest virus status. 

Where do you stay? 
Homes or apartments.You can book airbnbs, homeaway, or VRBO anywhere in the world. I stay for at least a month in each location. I feel better being able to cook, be quarantined if I need to be, and live how how I would normally. You are also more productive if you have the proper set up and space. Even though you are working in a new place, it doesn't mean you don't need routine. I still set structure for my day. The internet is also stronger if you have your own place. Make sure you are not sharing with another unit or room. To zoom you do need high speed internet. I always ask before I book what is their internet speed. Just for reference you need at least 6-10 Mbps to stream SD video. 

What are the benefits?
Mental state: This year has taken a major toll on our mental state. We need a break and some adventure. It is proven that travel makes us happier people. Sometimes just a change of scenery will ground you and your family again. Stepping outside of your usual routine and your normalcy is beneficial for both mind and body. If you are working from one place, why not do it from a new place?

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