Howard University Students Volunteer in St. Martin for "Spring-break"

Howard University Students Volunteer in St. Martin for “Spring-break”

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Monday, March 19, 2018


Students from Howard University (HU) in Washington, DC, spent their “spring-break” in St. Martin volunteering at institutions and foundations bouncing back from last year’s hurricanes Irma and Maria.

The students numbered no less than 18-strong. During their volunteer work the students from the historical university also met with the island’s people; visited the Mental Health Foundation; attended church service; and last week received a gift bag containing the book National Symbols of St. Martin from St. Maarten Tourist Bureau.

“The gifts were really appreciated by the students. They especially liked National Symbols of St. Martin,” said Sheila Marshall, an HU alumna and travel agent who happened to meet the students during her own vacation on the Friendly Island.

“I congratulate the organizers and students at HU and in St. Martin for participating in the Alternative Spring Break volunteer program, which is part of Howard University’s commitment to USA communities and global service,” said Marshall.

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