I Can't Breathe! Uncovering The face of Evil and Wrong Doing by Basil Chambers


Basil Chambers

Release Date

Wednesday, June 3, 2020


I can’t breathe - does is it sound familiar?? The focus is on America but the world is watching.

I can’t breathe is also the cry of people who can’t see their way - people who continue to be suffocated by a system that is based on dehumanising and discriminating.

I can’t breathe is when you lose your rights to those who hunted your vote, but forget you when you claim those rights. Or who deny you your right to question or criticise injustice or neglect.

I can’t breathe begins with the hypocrisy of those who are holy in church on a Saturday or Sunday, then Monday morning they administer their office without a thought of Christian humility or humanity.

I can’t breathe is when they see bullying or harassment, and they say nothing and do nothing.

I can’t breathe is complacency in the face of evil - when we see wrong and we know it’s wrong and we do nothing about it.

I can’t breathe is when we see the high and mighty take advantage of the poor and the vulnerable and those with no voice, those who suffer in silence - and we say nothing.

I can’t breathe is when there is no sympathy or care or love for those downtrodden by poverty, sickness or misfortune.

I can’t breathe is the cry of many parents who fear a future of inequality for their children, and see their daughters preyed upon; of women fearing for their lives in their own houses, or the neglected elderly.

I can’t breathe is the smothering of small industry and of self reliance by back room deals and alliances between the powerful.

I can’t breathe is the moan of many which continues to fall on deaf ears. I can’t breathe! I can’t breathe! How many of us have been suffering for so long because we just aren’t allowed to breathe?

I can’t breathe is the sound of people dying all around us with no voice and no hope - I can’t breathe!

So while we focus on America, let’s take a deep look into ourselves and our own situation. A knee might not be on our necks but many of us can’t breathe.

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