Increasing Number of New Yorkers Falling for "Brotherly Love" in Philadelphia


Bridge on Race

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


“Nobody likes us, we don’t care.” These immortal words championed by the Philadelphia Eagles during their Super Bowl victory parade in early 2018 sums up a city unfairly pegged as the “sixth borough” by New Yorkers. While the proximity of Philadelphia to New York City gives that argument some ammunition, Empire State expatriates who’ve headed two hours south have come to see Philly for all it’s worth. Moreover, conveniently-located apartment buildings in the city are keen to point out all of those perks – especially when they are in walking distance of each other.

According to a July 2018 article from The New York Times, immigrant populations are just one group of ex-New Yorkers who’ve seen the promised land. “The American dream feels more attainable in Philadelphia at the moment,” the Timesstates, adding that the city’s population is growing “for the first time in decades” and all types of newcomers are eyeing Center City for the “luxury of living, working and drinking within the same few blocks.” Bridge on Race, a recently-constructed apartment building in the neighboring Old City section, knows all about those amenities that are often around the corner from each other.

From Brooklyn’s Park Slope neighborhood to Lower Manhattan, which is all of five miles, a trip by train could take at least a half-hour. From the heart of South Philly’s stadium complex to the hustle and bustle of Center City is little more than seven miles and can be covered in about 20 minutes by train – no transfers required. Simply put: It’s easy to get around here and once you’re at your downtown destination, a whole new world of entertainment and convenience awaits.

What’s the current climate when it comes to moving from the “Big Apple” to the world of “Brotherly Love”?

  • According to figures from the U.S. Census Bureau, about 27,000 people move “from the New York metro area to the Philadelphia metro area” annually. If this isn’t a vote of confidence, we don’t know what is.
  • Real estate agency Houwzer said in an April 2018 article on the subject that New York is known for its “astronomical cost of living.” For those not ready to plunk down a few hundred thousand on home ownership, renting in Philly is the logical – and affordable – option.
  • The United States got its start in Philly. You can live around the corner from where the Declaration of Independence was signed, then go see a movie, grab dinner and a drink on the way home. How cool is that?

    We encourage current city residents looking for a spot in Old City to check out apartment options. To those from New York who are about to make the leap, Bridge on Race is happy to provide you with a rundown on all the reasons why this is a move that’s going to work out.

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