Johnnycakes: The St. Martin Staple You Are Legally Obligated to Try

Johnnycakes from St Martin

Jesson & Co / MNI Alive

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Thursday, June 16, 2022


If you’re currently reading this opening line, congratulations: you’re invited to read on and experience the written gospel of the Johnnycake: the carby (sorry, keto-friends!) comfort food that has been lighting up tastebuds across the Caribbean for centuries. Originally cooked over a hot stone, the then-named Journey Cake was used as a travel ration by the indigenous inhabitants of the region. The Johnnycake has been iterated on by just about every culture that’s come in contact with the Caribbean, but remains a fluffy, tasty, and easy-to-prepare favourite of…well, just about everyone!

“What’s the big deal about Johnnycakes?”, we desperately imagine you asking. “Why will the food police put me on their most wanted list if I admit I haven’t tried them?”. You definitely didn’t ask that last one, but let us break the appeal down for you anyway:

1. They’re a Culinary Canvas

Bread-like in taste and texture, Johnnycakes are the perfect platform for complementary flavours and condiments. Do it up Canadian-style with butter or maple syrup, or keep it Caribbean with Saltfish.  

2. They’re Fantastically Flexible 

Johnnycakes can be the star of a primo breakfast or the side to an amazing entree. If you’ve ever been to Ribfest, you know exactly how craveable that cornbread can be after downing half a rack. We’ll take any chance we can get to include more Johnnycakes in our diet!

3. They Just Taste Great - Duh!

If we could eat nothing but sweet cornbread pancakes every day, we probably would. That’s it. That’s the paragraph. 

If you’ve been on vacation to the Caribbean and have never tried a Johnnycake, we’re weeping for you. Never fear though: the talented chefs of St. Martin, who have refined the art of Johnnycake baking (Johnnybaking?!) into a science, are happy to share their knowledge for the sake of the enlightenment of your tastebuds. With so many French chefs in the capital of Marigot, you just know this is gonna be good. Without further ado, you’ll find the recipe (and a bit more about the history of this pastry) right here

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