Keithroy "de Bear" Morson Sits Atop Antigua's Calypso World As Reigning Monarch

Keithroy "de Bear" Morson Sits Atop Antigua's Calypso World As Reigning Monarch

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Sunday, March 8, 2015


Keithroy "De Bear" Morson, calypsonian extraordinaire, it can be argued has stamped his mark as one of the Greatest of All Time, coming from the much respected calypso mecca, that is the island of Montserrat. Certainly, that statement may stir a passionate debate either for or against, but what else can be said when greatness was exemplified on the Antigua Calypso stage, during the evening of Sunday, August 2, 2015?

De Bear walked away - and well deservedly so too - with the 2015/16 Calypso Monarch title of Antigua & Barbuda. His two songs, "can't stop de Bear" and "sing a different song" propelled this Montserratian son of the soil to heights in the realms of Antiguan calypso greats such as Short Shirt, Obstinate, Swallow, et al.

Prior to the show last evening, one calypso pundit opined to MNI Media, "By the way Bear is in a league by himself. He cannot be beaten unless the judges want to play the fool."

De Bear, who is also the current reigning calypso Monarch of Montserrat came into the competition, being under no illusions that his talent and the songs he was entering the calypso competition with, would be challenged by the other competitors. However, his confidence in his own abilities, coupled with the display he rendered on stage, resoundingly placed him as favourite to win the Monarch title.

The results of the calypso competition were as follows:

Most Improved Calypsonian – Lady Raw (Barbuda)

Most Humorous Calypsonian – Lord Determine

Best Social Commentary – Dr. Principal

Second Runner Up – King Fiyah

First Runner Up – Queen Thalia

Winner – King Bear

With De Bear's win, where does this place him in a very talented field of calypsonians, both present and past - both from his native country, Montserrat and his adopted Antigua & Barbuda? He has won the Monarch title three times in Montserrat; five times in Antigua and Barbuda; and twice in the Leeward Islands Calypso competition.

Surely, this recent win by De Bear in the face of insurmountable odds must make him a standout in such a crowded field.

Well done and congratulations to a living legend. MNI Alive Media salutes you King Bear!

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