Labour Leader Ed Miliband Accuses UK Prime Minister David Cameron Of "Running Scared" of Election Debates

Labour Leader Ed Miliband Accuses UK Prime Minister David Cameron Of "Running Scared" TV Election Debates

Jeevan A. Robinson

Release Date

Friday, July 3, 2015


The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, David Cameron, is being accused by Labour Party Leader, Ed Miliband of “running scared” from having a nationally televised debate with him in the run up to the UK’s 2015 elections, due to take place in May.

This controversy has been brewing between both parties and the debate organisers, as Ed Miliband himself is being accused of failing to respond to Mr Cameron’s challenge to rule out a post-election pact with the Scottish National Party (SNP). Prime Minister Cameron is asking Miliband for this commitment of not making a pact with the SNP, as he believes the SNP seeks to break up Britain, and therefore should not be in government

According to reports from The Guardian Newspaper, polls suggest that the Scottish Nationalists are, “on course to make substantial gains across Scotland at Labour’s expense in May’s general election.”

The UK media have been abuzz with reports that Scottish Labour MPs have been putting pressure on the Labour Leader to say no to a post-election pact with the SNP.

Speaking recently on the debate stand-off, Miliband is quoted as stating that, “this election is all about leadership, all about the choice between him and me, and when it comes to a debate between him and me, he’s running scared,” he said.

He went on to say; “I say to David Cameron: you can refuse to face the public, but you can’t deny your record. You can try to chicken out of the debates, but don’t ever again claim that you provide strong leadership. You can try to escape the people’s debates, but you will not escape the people’s verdict.”

Further comments from Miliband on this controversy saw him re-affirmining that he would be at the debates “with or without David Cameron. ”

He stated: “When all people see is an empty chair, his claims to leadership will be exposed as empty.” To laughter, he joked: “Now we know why the chicken crossed the road – to avoid the TV election debates.”

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