Learn More About The Average Costs Of A Funeral

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Friday, May 19, 2023


Learn More About The Average Costs Of A Funeral

Planning a funeral is something that not a lot of people have experience with. Unfortunately, you only get to know how the process works once you have finally put your beloved family member or friend to rest, and hopefully, it is something you never have to worry about again.

One of the biggest problems that the bereaved have is the shock of the cost of a standard funeral. You do not want to add financial burdens on top of your grief. That is why it is important to learn about some of the more costly aspects of an average funeral beforehand.

Burial Or Cremation

The first order of business when it comes to arranging a funeral is preparing the body. Most people decide how they want to be laid to rest when they are alive. If you are arranging the funeral of someone who has died unexpectedly, then you should find out whether they wanted to be buried or cremated, detailed in their will.

The average cost of a burial can be anywhere between six and eight thousand dollars, while a cremation can cost between four and seven thousand dollars. Of course, these costs may differ depending on whereabouts you live in the US. For instance, Simple Cremation is a well-established cremation service in Arlington that can adhere to all of your funeral concerns should you have any. Preparing a body for rest is by far the costliest yet most important part of the funeral proceedings; however, there are other matters to attend to.

Wake Venue

A great way to send off your beloved family member or friend is to allow their mourners to share condolences and memories of the deceased. That is why a wake may be a good idea after the funeral service.

A standard wake can be held anywhere you want. Most people choose to hold a gathering at the deceased’s home, but there may also be another location that is more special to you to hire. The average price for venue hires in the USA is around five hundred dollars. However, these costs do depend on what type of venue you choose.


The next biggest expense when arranging a funeral comes in the form of the catering bill. Most funerals take place in the morning, which means that the wake can carry the guests through to lunchtime and beyond. As such, it is customary for the person who arranged the funeral to provide food and drink options for the mourners at a wake.

The most accepted form of food in a time like this is a buffet that allows people to eat as and when they choose. This means that you can include mostly finger food prepared by yourself and those close to you or a professional catering service. Either way, you can expect to pay up to or around two hundred dollars on catering the average wake.


While it is not something you want to think about, it is still a good idea to learn how much funeral preparation can cost. With all these expenses in mind, you can expect the average funeral in the USA to cost just under ten thousand dollars.

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