Making Waves in Antigua and Barbuda

Photo: Hobie Cats at Jolly Beach, photo courtesy of ©Simply Antigua Barbuda

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Thursday, December 8, 2022


If you find yourself in gorgeous Antigua and Barbuda then odds are you’re a bit of a beach bum. Nothing at all wrong with that, but if you’ve come all this way you should get your feet off the sand and into the water! This alluring destination is stacked with ways to test your sealegs and explore the great Caribbean Sea. Don’t be shy and dip your toes into invigorating Antigua and Barbuda. 

Photo: Hawksbill Turtle, photo courtesy of Roddy Grimes-Graeme

 Hawksbill Turtle, photo courtesy of Roddy Grimes-Graeme

Take a moment, close your eyes, and imagine floating in a gentle current in crystal clear and warm tropical waters. Sounds like a dream? Then take the plunge and jump right into snorkelling and diving adventures in Antigua. Active Caribbean Travel offers trips to the most scenic snorkelling spots on the Antiguan coast. Care to dive deeper? Dive Carib will lead you into open waters and through a surreal and mesmerizing underwater world. Skylork is the destination’s foremost scooter snorkeling tour operator, an accessible and exciting option that will get you up close with rays, turtles, and more!

Photo: Boat riding in Antigua

Photo: Courtesy of Antigua & Barbuda Tourism Authority

Not ready to jump in just yet? Ease your way into the sea by first stepping on deck. Antigua and Barbuda have plenty of boating excursions to choose from like luxury yachts and wave-jumping catamarans. Adventure Antigua services full-day tours of the most stunning coastal destinations on the comforts of a 16-metre PowerCat speedboat. If you prefer to control your own destiny then perhaps a self-driving boat tour is more your style. Antigua Reef Riders will let you take the reigns and be the captain of your own speedboating venture. 

Photo: Kelsick Kiteboarding trip in Barbuda, photo courtesy of Kelsick Kiteboarding

Photo: Kelsick Kiteboarding trip in Barbuda, photo courtesy of Kelsick Kiteboarding

Have none of these options got your heart sufficiently racing? You’ll be happy to learn Antigua acknowledges true adrenaline junkies with many quality surf schools. Take up kite, wind and classic surfing all along the exhilarating north shore of Antigua. 40knots has one of the most exciting experiences around as they take you to a rousing remote location only accessible by boat. Kelsick Kiteboarding boasts passionate, professional instructors who have made it their mission to spread the growing (and exhilarating) sport of kitesurfing with visitors to Antigua.

Get ready to turn the tide in Antigua and Barbuda.

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