March 9: Mercury Enters Aries What it Means for Us

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Abudullah Al Noman

Release Date

Thursday, March 14, 2024


Mercury enters Aries on March 9, 2024. This transit occurs 12 days before Aries season begins on March 21, signaling the start of a new zodiac year. Because of its proximity to the sun, Mercury is the first planet to enter this new cycle. Mercury in Aries can affect every sign, especially people who have prominent birth chart placements in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Learn more about this transit, which will continue until May 15.

Beware of a Hot Temper

Aries is a zodiac sign associated with competitive and impulsive personality traits. The planet of Mercury has astrological implications for communication and thought. The transit of Mercury in Aries is likely to cause tempers to flare and could affect interactions.

Checking an Aries daily horoscope or predictions for your sign can help you to be mindful of astrological influences and adjust your outlook accordingly. This is particularly the case with this transit and the two lunar eclipses that will take place this spring while Mercury is in Aries.

Our Words Will Be Powerful

Mercury in Aries can allow for effective communication. This is especially the case when you recognize and make a conscious effort to check the aggressiveness that Aries brings to the table. Mercury in Aries is most likely to affect people who have prominent placements in cardinal signs on their birth charts.

This transit can be a good time to plan psychic readings for Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra. If you have something important to say in the context of your career or relationships, a reading can help you decide on the best timing and phrasing to maximize the impact of your message.

Avoid Making Rash Decisions

The influence of Aries can predispose people affected by this Mercury transit to act impulsively. If you observe this tendency in yourself, it is a good idea to slow down and carefully consider your options. A cautious approach is especially recommended during the Mercury retrograde from April 1 until April 25, which will be in the sign of Aries. 

Spring 2024 is also an eclipse season, with a penumbral lunar eclipse on March 25 and a total solar eclipse on April 8. These celestial events underscore the importance of being thoughtful. The choices you make over the next two months could have residual effects for six months or longer. Getting a new perspective from numerology chart readings for life path & traits can provide deeper insight.

Express Your True Self

The Mercury retrograde in spring 2024 means that Mercury will spend more time in Aries this year than usual. Rather than worrying about communication issues or travel disruptions during this time, you can tap into the energy of this transit to identify and express what you really think and feel. Be aware that the new moon in Pisces on March 10 and the upcoming eclipses could stir up intense emotions. If you are mindful of its influence, Mercury in Aries can help you reveal your authentic self.

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