Market Strategist 2020 Outlook


Brett F. Ewing, Chief Market Strategist

Release Date

Monday, January 6, 2020


Brett F. Ewing, Chief Market Strategist
Jan. 6, 2020

  • The theme for 2020 is that markets and the economy will surprise to the upside in all facets.

  • Lower levels of uncertainty will give consumers and CEOs less pause and concern; this cannot be understated.

  • Lower levels of uncertainty are a result of Central Banks across the world having loosened financial conditions in the past year and now stepping out of the limelight in 2020 to allow those moves to work.

  • Trade talks with China will continue their trajectory of stable forward progress.

  • We believe the dollar will moderate in 2020.

  • We like emerging markets as the best asset class primarily for catch up reasons and dollar weakness.

  • EM debt should have a good year relative to other bond asset classes.

  • We believe there is upside to S&P with tariff rollbacks and dollar weakness—estimates are 12% growth in earnings, 5.5% revenue, and a price target of 3600.

  • Interest rate stability should help small and mid-cap names the most. They should also benefit from catch up.

  • Materials should have a good 2020 as commodities finally start to show life.

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