MNI Media shares a View as Twitter Starts New Policy of Blurring Offensive Tweets


MNI Media

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Friday, June 28, 2019


Twitter is starting a new policy of blurring tweets that might be considered offensive.

For more on what this will mean, MNI Media shares a view from wMichael Priem, Founder & CEO at Modern Impact, an AdTech firm in Minneapolis specializing in omni-channel marketing, AI and machine learning for programmatic advertising, and traditional advertising and branding for clients like Samsung, Best Buy, Delta Dental, HP, Harley Davidson, and many others. Michael has decades of experience working with the evolving data that is available online, including Facebook and Twitter. His firm places millions in ads on Facebook and Twitter and similar platforms for clients.

Read his initial views below:

With Twitter designating political figures tweets for ‘review for abuse’ is a challenging quandary. We have a present day scenario where officials can be sensitive to anything thing said that they believe impugns their reputation and react with strong and often unpleasant attacks. Twitter I understand wants to moderate the use of what is no longer just a technology platform, but a utility that shares rapid and live conversations, and are likely now even more cautious to their role post Facebook’s challenges to help moderate what happens with how people have used their utility. I believe this comes down to a more simple truth, do we want Twitter and others moderating users comments, not just our elected officials? I believe not, Twitter needs to focus on the untruths, the quote unquote “fake news” as some call it, not moderating the subjectivity of ‘abuse’. Allow our elected officials to say ridiculous and unpleasant things, but also allow them to be critiqued and judged by the populate for it as well.

If we want to synthesize and categorize users content or even our officials, at what point does this infringe on our sacred freedom of speech, at what point do we become like our frowned upon less free nations? At some point the same reputation our leaders are trying to protect from impugnation, is caused by their own statements on Twitter. Let’s not judge the intelligence of Americans or our audiences, I believe we are smarter than Twitter is giving us credit as.

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