Montserrat"s Energy Unit to Begin Electric Vehicle Pilot Project


Government Information Unit

Release Date

Friday, December 20, 2019


 The Energy Unit within the Ministry of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour is about to embark on an Electric Vehicle (EV) Pilot Project. 

The objectives of the EV Pilot project are as follows:

  1. To determine the cost effectiveness of operating a Nissan TEKNA LEAF 11OkW electric vehicle in Montserrat when compared to an lnternal Combustion Vehicle (lCV) with a similar horse power. 
  2. To conduct a driver acceptability test on the operation of an Electric Vehicle. 
  3. To conduct a public transportation survey to gather information on the public energy consumption and usage pattern. Additionally, the survey will aim to gauge the public's opinion towards making minor changes to the transportation sector to improve the overall efficiency of the sector. 
  4. To conduct a feasibility analysis on converting the current government fleet of vehicles to Electric vehicles.

As indicated in the objectives above, one aim of the EV Pilot Project is to gather information on individuals' thoughts towards EVs and the drivability of EVs, through short surveys and driving interaction. 

Another aim is to measure the impact of the islands topography and temperatures on the performance of an EV. The information produced will be used to assess the practicality of owning an EV, as well as people's willingness to make minor changes to their mode of transport.

ln order to move this study forward, the Energy Unit is inviting willing and able individuals who are interested in participating in this EV Pilot Project to communicate their interest via email to CartvO@sov.msor

Participants will need to undergo an initial driving session before being accepted into the study. Your participation will help us greatly improve the accuracy of the study. Interested persons are asked to indicate their willingness to participate in this pilot project on or before Wednesday 8th January, 2O2O.

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