Murder in Antigua: 37-Year-Old Found With Throat Slashed

Murder in Antigua: 37 year Old Found With Throat Slashed

Martina Johnson

Release Date

Tuesday, December 2, 2014


ST JOHN’S, Antigua – There were no suspects in custody up to last night following yesterday’s discovery of the body of 37-year-old Charles “Bush” Hughes, whose throat appeared to have been slashed.

That’s according to police sources, who said the Cashew Hill man was found dead in his bedroom some three hours after other occupants of the two-storey house, where he resided, last saw him alive.

One source said no weapon was recovered from the scene.

Speaking through tears, one of the dead man’s relatives said, “He was alive up to 4 am (Tuesday). His mother spoke with him and gave him some change for the shop. He had coins in the room and two $10 and a $20. He had some other money but everything except the coins gone.”

The relative said other occupants of the house reported hearing footsteps some time after 5 am but thought the deceased was walking around in the house.

Hughes’ mother, Lolita Peters, who was clearly distraught, confirmed this. She told the media her son usually leaves home early for work at the family-owned South Street Bread Shop.

Peters said around 7:10 am, they realised he had not come downstairs to go to work, and that the vehicle he used to deliver bread was still outside. They called out to him several times but after they received no response, they went to his room where they discovered him in bed, dead, with a slash across the neck.

Source: Observer Media


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