Music Last Weekend of Every Month - And that is the Truth (says Ozzie)!


Stephen Weir

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Saturday, October 19, 2019


Next Saturday night Ossie Gurley wants people to wear costumes to his new gig at Scarborough’s Spades Night Club, but cautions anyone dusting off and climbing into their Caribana gear. “Sure come in Mas, but please make sure your costume isn’t too big for the door!”

Ossie Gurley and his band, The Truth, have signed up to perform the last Friday and Saturday of every month at Spades. Their first night is next Friday, October 25th. Saturday October 26th is their Halloween costume party!

“ There hasn’t been a regular commitment by bands in the city for a longtime,” Ossie Gurley told the Caribbean Camera.” We are doing this to get the community out, have fun and support the culture. We will do this every month for as long as people come out!”

Ossie Gurley & The Truth has been entertaining audiences across Canada since 2009 with its musical style fused with R&B, Afro Pop, Jazz and Caribbean roots. Ossie Gurley is credited with the reggae hit Who Let The Dogs Out.

Their outdoor Band Shell performance this summer is touted as being one of the best concerts at the CNE this year. They opened for T&T’s David Rudder to an estimated audience of 5,000 Soca and Calypso fans.

“ That was an amazing night, there more people dancing than sitting,” recalled Gurley. “ In fact, when we play next weekend we are going to basically use that same set list. We want to expand the appeal of the show so we will be adding some reggae and other music too.

If you go to concert don’t yell out “Hi Ozzie” to the singer. That is St Lucianv hunk Lance Charlamaigne. Gurley is the quiet guy in back, playing the keyboards and directing traffic. He expects to have 11 people on stage at the Spades Night Club including 3 back-up singers. If things go well with the weekend series he will add a three-person horn section too for coming shows!

Admission on Friday nights is $10 per person, $15 on Saturdays. Caribbean food will be prepared by The Iron Pot (Michael Williams). The club is located at 3580 Mc Nicoll Ave. near Markham Road.

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