New Digital Clothing App Helps Retailers Cut Costs During Pandemic

MySizeID app can help consumers find the right fit — across brands and size charts — conveniently and privately.

Alvina Alston

Release Date

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Online clothes shopping has never been more in vogue, and the MySizeID app can help consumers find the right fit — across brands and size charts — conveniently and privately. MySizeID uses a patented algorithm to take measurements using the technology already available in mobile phones without accessing the camera.

“There are no pictures taken. It is completely private,” said MySizeID CEO Ronen Luzon. “You can do it whenever and wherever you are. It’s very easy, and it’s very fast.”

According to Luzon, almost 8,000 retailers are currently using the MySizeID technology to reduce size uncertainty and drive customer loyalty.  

Currently, around 50 percent of shoppers return clothes they bought online because of sizing issues. Furthermore, many customers engage in so-called bracketing: they buy the same item in multiple sizes, try them on at home and return the ones that don’t fit. Each return represents lost revenue to the retailer because of shipping and warehousing costs. If the system for processing returns is inconvenient, the online store may lose customers. Another factor is the issue of online retail giants attempting to curtail the actions of shoppers who return large volumes of clothing. 

Offering a win-win solution for online shoppers and retailers alike, MySizeID lets consumers create a secure, online profile of their personal measurements, which can then be used with partnered online retailers to ensure that no matter the manufacturer or size chart, the consumer will always get the right fit. And when every item fits perfectly, customers buy more and return less.

MySizeID can help reduce size uncertainty, drive customer loyalty, and decrease the percentage of returned merchandise — all plusses that flatter a business’s bottom line.

More on Ronen Luzon

Ronen Luzon is a serial entrepreneur and a skilled manager with a track record of success across various industries. Prior to founding MySizeID, he established and led startups in the medical devices and communication sectors. Among his other endeavors, Luzon founded Malers, a company that has grown to be a leader in the global security solutions market and provides some of the most advanced technological solutions for integrated communication infrastructures, security and control systems. Prior to that, he held several senior marketing, sales management and professional services positions in a variety of international high tech companies. Luzon graduated from Middlesex University in London with a in IT and Business Information Systems.


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