New Health Education Video Series Launched On Montserrat

Doctor talk health promo

Health Promotion Unit, Montserrat

Release Date

Tuesday, September 20, 2022


The Health Promotion Unit within the Ministry of Health has launched a new health education video series titled on “Call with the Doctor.”  

Health Promotion Coordinator; Mrs. Penny Maloney indicated that the series will run for six weeks in this first season and features local doctors covering health topics of great concern to our community such as non-communicable diseases, childhood obesity and sexually transmitted infections.

Mrs. Maloney further stated that the video series was launched as a way to expand the local scope of health education beyond radio and print and capture audiences in popular spaces such as social media, YouTube and television. She also encouraged residents to share with the Health Promotion Unit feedback on the series as well as topics of interest that they would like to see covered in future seasons.

The videos will be released each Tuesday via the Health Promotion Unit Facebook page; health promotion 664 and can also be viewed via the Government Information Unit YouTube page.

The public is encouraged to view the videos and share throughout your various networks of friends and family.

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