New Women's Resource Centre Supports Retention and Advancement of Women in the Legal Professions

Law Society of Ontario

Law Society of Ontario

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Thursday, September 28, 2023


The Law Society has launched a new Women's Resource Centre, an online hub designed to support the retention and advancement of legal professionals identifying as women in private practice, in-house or government positions by providing resources to guide them through the various stages of their careers, from law students and licensing candidates to senior professionals.  

"Various societal factors continue to hinder the retention and advancement of women, leading many to leave the legal profession," said Law Society Treasurer Jacqueline Horvat. "The Women's Resource Centre represents a dedicated and focused initiative to empower women, not just upon entry into the profession, but throughout their journey into leadership roles."

The Women's Resource Centre offers a series of 12 practical and comprehensive guides to help women navigate the various phases of their careers, including identifying and developing a brand to stand out in the job market, harnessing ambition and drive to challenge internal biases and overcome external barriers to progression, and developing effective leadership skills and strategies to thrive in all their legal endeavours. Filled with invaluable insights and step-by-step advice, the Law Society hopes this new resource hub will empower women with ideas, tips, and information to excel in all their legal endeavours.

This resource hub expands upon and updates the Law Society's Justicia Project, which launched in November 2008 with numerous resources developed and shared expressly for women lawyers in private practice. "We are indebted to the benchers, lawyers and founding firms who took the Justicia Project from a concept to a reality that made an appreciable difference in the work lives of many women lawyers. I am proud to see the Law Society build on Justicia and take another step forward in helping women succeed as legal professionals in diverse environments," said former co-chair of the Justicia Project Megan Shortreed.

For more information about the Women's Resource Centre and to access the comprehensive guides, visit

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