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Release Date

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


TORONTO (Oct. 16, 2018) – Strainprint™ Technologies Ltd launched the Strainprint Community, Cannabis in Good Company today - a real-time, online platform that provides education and support for the growing cannabis community. The site aims to help both veteran and new users to navigate through the historical transition to legalized cannabis in Canada.

Built by patients for patients, Strainprint started off by providing a free medical cannabis tracking app. The app powers Strainprint Analytics, which provides anonymized, invaluable, crowd-sourced data to clinics, pharmacies, licensed producers, researchers, physicians, government, and the entire cannabis industry. With more than 800,000 anonymous personal health records and 30 million data points, Strainprint Analytics is the leading source of medical cannabis data in all of North America.

With the same patient-centric spirit and realization for the need for sound educational tools in mind, Strainprint created the Strainprint Community. The objective was to leverage their data insights and industry influence to become the go-to source for everything cannabis related. The Community features up-to-date information, educational tools, articles, news, event listings, recipes, private groups, and discussion forums - all provided in a safe, moderated and stigma-free environment.

“As Canada ventures into this new world of legalization, there will be a lot of questions and curiosity. The Strainprint Community is a space for people to ask questions, learn, connect, share ideas and support one another," saidStrainprint Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer, Stephanie Karasick. “We’re lucky to be living in a country at a time where we get to see the end of prohibition. However, it’s going to take some time for many people to believe that cannabis isn’t the dangerous drug we were told it was. We have a lot of information and conversation available for everyone from the canna-curious to the most knowledgeable people in the industry.”

To get started, simply sign up for free at Once enrolled, members can ask questions or start new conversations in dozens of open topic specific forums, or they can request to have their own private spaces in groups. Strainprint anticipates anyone from consumers, to medical researchers, to clinics, to doctors, to cancer patients, and everyone in between, will come looking for open and honest discussions, continuing education, support and mentorship.

“As patients ourselves, we understand that the information available to cannabis users can be confusing and overwhelming, regardless of one's’ level of experience. We believe that providing an inclusive, compassionate space for diverse groups of people will unite the community with common goals of sharing resources and knowledge,” said Ashleigh Brown, Community Manager and Patient Liaison. “If people from all walks of life connect through our community to share their cannabis journeys, and if they can be empowered through education and engagement, then we know we have helped people use cannabis better.”

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