Opening the Cottage … and a Few Simple Upgrades

But before we can get to enjoying those times, there is the small matter of getting the cottage open for the season.

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Friday, May 27, 2022


"Tis the season to be dreaming about sunny days by the lake, roaring campfires, cold drinks, cookouts and memorable times with friends and family. 

But before we can get to enjoying those times, there is the small matter of getting the cottage open for the season. Alongside the tasks of getting the cottage up and running for the season — getting the water running, dusting up, making the beds, stocking the food supplies — it may also be time to consider a few minor upgrades to make the days away that much better. 

Let’s start with the smell. Inevitably, a cottage that has been closed for months on end will have a bit of a musty odour when first opened up in the spring. A dehumidifier is the perfect appliance to help clear the air. And not just of benefit early in the season – used all season it can help cut the stifling humidity of summer, making the indoor temperatures much more comfortable and perfect for sleeping. 

The benefits of the dehumidifier are enhanced when paired along with a portable air conditioner. Easy to setup with powerful cooling capacity, these units run quietly and efficiently and keep the temperature inside comfortable while the temperatures outside are spiking. They can also be moved from room-to-room to ensure you have cooler temperatures wherever you are lounging. 

There are never too many cold drinks in the summer heat, and a second fridge frees up space in the crammed kitchen fridge after stocking up for the week. Place it in a shed or boathouse, or out on a covered deck, to keep the cold drinks close by the action. Take it to another level by also adding a wine fridge, keeping that Chardonnay at a perfectly refreshing temperature, or a bar fridge dedicated to the drinks enjoyed by the fire. 

While time at the cottage is about enjoying the outdoors, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate. Those rainy days are great for popping some corn and watching some movies. Bring movies to life with more than a billion colours in 4K high definition. At a Wifi-enabled cottage, Smart TVs sync with smart home devices and have streaming services built right in – meaning less cords and outlets required. 

A good movie is only as good as its sound, and a soundbar delivers the audio a blockbuster deserves. Connect to a music streaming app on the Smart TV or via Bluetooth for an even better dinner playlist.

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