Oprah Winfrey"s Day in Paradise and Other Gigs for Paradise Nicole Hendrickson


Stephen Weir

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Friday, August 24, 2018


Oprah Winfrey never looked so good! It was “no biggie” for Toronto broadcaster, model, actress and Official Goodwill Ambassador for St Vincent and the Grenadines, Paradise Nicole Hendrickson to portray the Queen of All Media in a TV biopic – it is all in a day’s work!

“ Really it was just another gig, but it was fun,” explained Paradise Nicole Hendrickson. “I played Oprah on an UK/American channel. Thousands of actors auditioned for this amazing role and Thank God that I nailed it ! That role brought me lots of acting jobs even without auditioning for them .because the directors would ask for me directly.”

“ I do quite a bit of acting and modeling whether it be here in Toronto or where ever I am needed. I played Tasma Brighthaupt (the wife of Anna Nicole Smith’s bodyguard) in one episode of the Final 24 TV series. The next day I was off doing a fashion shoot!”
Although her bag is always packed and ready to roll, these days the former beauty queen is busy busy as the executive producer and host of Kiss of Paradise, a popular YouTube channel show made here in Toronto.

“ For years, Ed (her husband Ed Hawk) and I had the Caribbean Connection TV show which aired Saturday morning’s on CITY TV,” Paradise told the Caribbean Camera. “ We decided to make a change with it. We rebranded it from Caribbean Connection to Kiss of Paradise and moved it onto the web because we are not just looking at the Caribbean; we are looking everywhere and covering everything from culinary to world fashion to events here in Toronto. It is my baby now and we are having a lot of fun with it.”

This week The Kiss of Paradise posted video interviews and reports from Toronto’s Jerk Fest and the annual Caribbean Carnival Parade. The Carnival 15-minute video blog saw Paradise taking her teenage daughter Rebecca to watch and learn about the annual fete. At Jerk Fest Paradise had a 15-minute video report on the food festival and headline performer singer Fantasia Barrino.

You will never take the Caribbean out of now-Canadian Paradise Nicole Hendrickson. She was born in St Vincent, the daughter of a retired Police Officer and Actress /School Teacher is the eldest of four siblings.

Paradise’s performing skills were realized at the tender age of three back in St Vincent. At an event she was asked to do a little something on stage in front of 300 people until the booked adult dancers were ready to start the show. She mesmerized the audience with her song and dance act and her career was launched.

Local theatre and singing gigs followed. She became the beauty Queen of St. Vincent & the Grenadines (a crown she wore for a record three years) and continues to act as an official goodwill ambassador for the country here in Canada and around the world.

In Canada she has worked on a number of breakthrough TV programmes including Dance Me, and Let’s Rockk It. Her modelling takes her across the continent and movie and TV roles continue to be pitched to her agent (just prior to talking to the Camera she made an audition roll for the part of a sexy undercover cop in a new TV show – no word yet of if she got the role).

“ I am the Bionic Woman,” Paradise likes to say, She has to be, the new Kiss of Paradise encompasses posting a lot content – videos, vlogs, stories and pictures - on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. The YouTube show alone has a following of 12,000 and her own Facebook account has over a 1,000 fans and friends.

And what is next? “I seriously thinking of a game show with four couples. I can’t talk much about it just yet, but the working title is 4 Better, 4 Worse.”

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