Peter DA Queeley, GM of The St Patrick's Cooperative Credit Union, Montserrat, Successfully Completes Eastern Caribbean Securities Market (ECSM) Certification Examination

Peter DA Queeley, General Manager of the SPCCU

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Friday, June 23, 2023


General Manager of the St Patrick's Cooperative Credit Union (SPCCU) on Montserrat, Peter D.A Queeley, has successfully completed the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market (ECSM) Certification Examination.

Mr Queeley's results from the examination saw him surpass the minimum requirement of a final composite score of 70% or above, which now qualifies him as being eligible to be licensed as a Principal,  Representative, or Investment Adviser to operate within the ECSM.

The further eligibility requirement would be for fit and proper assessments, to include Financial Status, Reputation, Character, and Educational qualifications and to attain accreditation to work for a Licensed Broker Dealer within the ECCU.

For The SPCCU to qualify as a Broker Dealer within the ECCU, it will need to have at least two staff members who have passed the aforementioned examinations, and also a paid-up capital of at least $1.5M. 

With his successful completion of the Eastern Caribbean Securities Market Certification Examination, Mr Queeley has indicated that he will now focus his  attention and newly acquired skills towards building a fair yielding, low risk investment portfolio at the SPCCU.

Peter Queeley letter

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