Poem: Lawd Have Mercy


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Thursday, February 25, 2021


He just stagger! Watch he! Watch he ass
Coming up here swaying like a boat mass
He better have the money to pay the sousou
I’m very much a one person lover but what can I do
The gambling table and the bar have his interest
It’s me he want to fool about time, love and invest
I’m going out tonight I already tell my girlfriend
I need spice in my life, like men forget how to be men
Lawd have mercy!

When we were dating spontaneity kept it excited
Like a soldier on the battlefield he had me riveted
Fun was in the chase, It’s a chase and capture thing
After the capture he got scared as if it’s a nose ring
Six keeper woman and two outside child yet I stay
You know I done wid he, I’m cruising I just don’t say
I cook he food and wash he clothes that mean nutten
I’ll do the same for any man even if he leg wooden
Lawd have mercy!

Woman done long before man know, ask de girlfriend
God help babies, idiots stray dogs and foolish men
Same old same old is boring, tease me, please me
Drinking wine under the moonlight stargazing was we
Cmon let my toes curl, my fingers crack as I perspire
Long walks on the beach don’t care about my attire
Somebody say there is a man out there better for real
As soon as my last child graduate I’m cutting this deal
Lawd have mercy!

I’m tired of angry foolish men but I like adoration
Strong warm body, humour, a little brain fits companion
It’s not that I’m looking for a package but meet me
Let passion be my virtue and then arouse my curiosity
This life on a shoestring feeling with a lot of sharing
Maybe free n single isn’t bad, not that I’m comparing
If this drunken man think he is what I aspire to attain
The curved flames of hell is having a rush in his brain
Lawd have mercy!

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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