Poem: Ras Check This!


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Monday, August 17, 2020


They say you do not read spoken word
It’s from this catacomb my voice is heard
Your children are scarred till eternity
On your detriment they build financially

For years Rasta has been persecuted
Like the outcast eventually prosecuted
Not only for religion and dread locks
But a natural weed, doesn’t that suck?

Today you can buy weed, even Ganga candy
Not dodging, or hiding but legally
As a matter of fact the one who arrested you
Is in the store buying weed too

Once your weed was cultivated
Today it’s manufactured and designated
The contents posted for all to see
Main ingredient is still Ganga to me

Colonialists with slave mentality prevalent
A natural plant with nature’s ingredients
Was illegal because they couldn’t tax you
Destroyed families, today it’s owned but by who?

Where are the reparations for the Rastaman
The broken fatherless children of the ganja man
Many years in jail by a system that wasn’t ready
Outcasts for your religious and medical therapy

Rastaman, dreadlocks, ganja man, bald head
If you smoke weed and like that feeling of dread
Pat yourself on the back know you were ahead
Soon internationally that colonial step will be dead

It’s amazing the noble decisions to uphold the law
Overshadowed that destruction they’re not hunting for
Ignorance of the law brings self deprecation
A society went to shambles living in degradation

A free man enslaved by a system
Know not whence you came but leave you a victim
In knowledge man and society shall find its roots
Truth travels on a slow train, only lies over shoot

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is our Resident Spoken Word Contributor here at MNI Media

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