Poem: Uncivil War

Poem: Uncivil War

Poem: Uncivil War

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Thursday, January 21, 2021


Finally we have overtaken the hump
Democracy you’ve finally taken that dump
Greatest country on earth fit for a rebirth of Presidentism
Mishandled pandemic, incite riots, xenophobia, racism
Decimated the conscience of a country’s democracy
A feuding belief this nation will adopt his autocracy
Shattered party supporters seeking honesty for sure
Unification peeping through our doors once more

The sin of that child is not the aim of the forefathers
A country build on slavery showing they too matter
After innuendos and lies to a people he seeks penance
Achievements by a fool overshadowed by ignorance
Let not the blood of soldiers on foreign land be in vain
In today’s free world this Puritan's without any shame
The unraveling of truth dimmed the beacon of democracy
Truth has a way of overthrowing a fool's idiosyncrasy

The journey was not in vain but ego overshadowed
Helping Israel to sign deals with it’s neighbor, hollowed
Disbelief in climate change, reverses progress alone
Financial gains are more valid than a repaired ozone
Redoing NAFTA between Canada and Mexico, bigger!
Like the inauguration he only aspires huge and for better
Yet we coalesced to the facts and truth, is he a liar?
Final “have a great life” could’ve been “I’m out of here”

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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