Poem: You Got To Go

Poem: You Got To Go

You got to help me finish this play
I started working on it then COVID came this way
Everything and everyone went into lockdown
Cities airports everywhere even small towns
From COVID and other people up here I abide
Under this cheney bush tree is where I hide
Up the mountain, dogs barking can’t find me
This country bumpkin won’t come to your city

Using solar power every time I flew my drone
This island looked empty maybe I was totally stoned
No vehicles on the street, no planes in the air
It sounded like no one was going anywhere
Curiosity got me and I realize everyone was home
For safety it was better to stay intact or to die alone
Uneasy nations like butter in the sun on a winter day
The impact of virus transmission intense in every way

Poorest non-white countries in the world mostly suffer
Poverty again met inequality with color as a buffer
Some companies made vaccines taking the edge off
They’re not cures but save lives and that is enough
During this long period frontline workers didn’t blink
Putting their lives on the line to save others, didn’t think
Ironically racist officers were still killing black people
COVID overlook racism though many weren’t capable

Naive island politicians are threatening civil servants
Vaccine or test bi-weekly, brimstone and fire rampant
Ignorance in a basket promising tourism will reign
For vaccine voters lost citizen's rights, so they complain
The preacher and the doctor eyeing the Petri dish
COVID virus is not just bacteria, fungi or a political wish
Leaders pushing vaccinated, workers rights violated
From that democratic angle only fools feel liberated

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor