Poem: You're Upset

Poem: You're Upset

Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Route

Your family's wealth is built on the blood of others
A love for power and money disinfects, it doesn’t bother
Seeing that everyone’s equal, this you are not clearly aware
Humanitarian deeds are for advertising not care
We were forced to be here and dance to your beat
Whipped into everything you desire and still keep
Humiliation was not even an offered choice
Acquiesce and succumb to your desire was our voice
Designed a racist educational system of your privilege
Adapted religion and structure we were forced to indulge

It’s not enough that you captured and bought
Raped our men and women, killed those that fought
From aboard your ship you tossed anyone who got sick
Dehumanize a lot, gutting some to prove your trick
Inflicting pain and punishment on us because of color
Today you idolize everything with a racial demeanor
So now you are upset because the survivors excel
May your soul rut in the fiery caverns of eternal hell
Hiding behind qualified immunity committing murder
Legally obscured, an officer in uniform killing black brothers

You don’t want us or our offspring here after you used us
We did your most demeaning work and were abused
There wasn’t one volunteer boarding your slave ship
To be enchained, hung, beaten, shot, raped or whipped
Planting and caring for your cotton in the burning sun
Trying to escape we avoid the aim of your loaded gun
Emancipation came, your war required numbers
Karma, like eating vomit you needed us, such a bummer
Finally you got the neighborhood you woefully elected.
Is that a sarcastic racist remarks towards us being detected?

Note: William "Bubblicious" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor