Political Winners and Losers of The Week on Montserrat

Each week I will also ask approximately 100 different persons on island eligible to vote who they feel will be the next Government.

Political Winners and Losers of The Week on Montserrat

Political chess at play. Who will win?

Each week up to the election (and maybe beyond), I will be asserting my opinion over who are the winners and losers in Political Circles.

Each week I will also ask approximately 100 different persons on island eligible to vote who they feel will be the next Government. The ‘Picklesworth Poll’, although unofficial will consist of a mix of persons; young, old, male, female, employed, unemployed. I want to provide a fair and balanced approach to the election and gauge the feeling on island.

Let us start with the LOSERS:

1 – Hon. Premier Reuben T Meade has to top this list. He has managed to drag Montserrat Politics into the gutter and after an attempt to extract himself, has failed to do so. The TEXTGATE saga has removed any respect we have for the man. To publicly degrade a professional in such a humiliating way will take a lot of coming back from. He then attempts to belittle other members of PDM by calling into question their ability to run a business. Well, for that and your ability to alienate yourself from the voters REUBEN T MEADE your are the first LOSER of the week.

2 – David "Trixie" Duberry has returned to Montserrat as a ‘Businessman’ opening up a restaurant in Marine Village and setting the benchmark for others to follow. Well Mr Duberry, your restaurant is yet to open in Marine Village and what is that I hear, yet another excuse. No doubt you will blame the MDC for this one? We would all like to know how you will operate the restaurant and be a politician at the same time, seems you cannot do both whilst running for election.

3 – Hon. Jermaine Wade appears to have a very bad problem with self-image. Continually masked by his sunglasses he is more interested in looking cool than representing. This was no more evident than at the recent Youth Meeting in Brades. Anyone seen the pictures of that meeting?  Wade looked increasingly uncomfortable either talking or standing in the background. Dr Sammy totally outdid him at that meeting. Wade failed to empathize with the group and the connection was minimal to say the least. Come on Jermaine, show some empathy towards your voters and TRY to connect with them.

4 – Hon. Dr Lowell Lewis presented a Master Plan for developing Montserrat like no other. Wow! I can hear you all shouting, the man has forethought and is prepared. The real questions arise when even simple interrogation suggests the plan is so routed in fantasy that the figures don’t even present well on paper never mind add up. Dr Lewis, please stop trying to act as a developer knowing more than experienced DFID representatives and remain a great surgeon, your plan will fool nobody.

And the WINNERS are:

1 – Dr Ingrid Buffonge handled the TEXTGATE scandal better than any established politician. She dismissed it completely and provided enough response to make the Premier sound like a silly schoolboy. If anybody wants to know how to manage political life then you can do no better than seeing how Dr Ingrid dealt with a bully. DR INGRID BUFFONGE you are the first WINNER of the week!

2 – Dr Sammy Joseph acted in total contrast to Hon.Wade at the same Youth Event. He is a natural with the crowd and connects immediately with everyone. Maybe the rest of the MCAP team (and other political candidates) should take a lesson from this display.

3 – Wilford ‘Moose’ Meade. OK on this one, I admit to reverting back a couple of weeks. However, when Moose was on the Rose Willock show he came across as the best candidate I have heard in a long time. Honest, compassionate, self-depreciating. I am not the only one to notice this and several people have already agreed how well he portrayed himself.

4 – Winston Pond has undoubtedly erected the best sign on island. VOTE WINSTON POND is a simple, straight forward message. Well done.

There we have it, a real mixed bag of WINNERS and LOSERS. But how does that stack up with the Picklesworth Poll. Based on general analysis of 106 persons the following candidates would be voted in at the election (in alphabetical order):

Dr Ingrid Buffonge
Geraldine Cabey
Easton Farrell
Victor James
Sammy Joseph
Charles Kirnon
Paul Lewis
David Osborne
Donaldson Romeo

An interesting mix there with no one party taking political leadership and only one raised eyebrow.