"Princess Diana: The Musical" Celebrates the life of the Late Princess as August Marks the 22nd Anniversary of her Passing


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Monday, August 12, 2019


August marks the 22nd anniversary of the passing of Princess Diana and many will be remembering the life of Princess Diana. Karen Sokolof Javitch has written Princess Diana: The Musical which brings to life the Princess’ relationship with Prince Charles - focusing on their courtship, marriage, and divorce.

Karen wrote the 27 songs for the musical. The songs reflect Diana’s transition from being an unknown 19-year old to becoming the most famous woman in the world.  “I wrote the show because I was devastated when she was killed in a car crash (Aug. 31, 1997).  I sat down at the piano to console myself and wrote many songs for her and about her, now knowing that someday I would put them into a musical.”

Karen’s Diana musical has been produced in multiple cities across the country. You can find info about it and the rest of her music at her website JMR Productions

Karen has written songs for 15 albums and her albums can be found on CDbaby.com.  Karen’s diverse creations include songs about exercising, celebrities, holidays, political figures, babies, children, math, patriotism, love, and family. 

One of Karen’s personal favorites may be shared on your social media sites and may be sampled at https://www.Princess Diana Tributeyoutube.com/watch?v=YfJkBvz23-A&feature=youtu.be

Here today to talk about her music is Karen Sokolof Javitch. 


  1. What about Princess Diana inspired you to make this musical?  

Answer: I was always drawn to her compassion and her empathy for the downtrodden.  She knew what pain was – as she felt abandoned at age 6 when her mother was forced to leave after her parents’ divorce.  

2-       What song is your favorite of the musical? 

Answer: The songs range from fun to serious to hopeful and much more.  I have two favorites – the love song ‘There was a Time’ is the break-up song between Diana and Charles.  It expresses how she loved him but there was always doubt about whether he loved her.  My other favorite is ‘Hope in my Heart’ because that is what Diana gave to all of us.  We still miss her and long for her love after 22 years. She would be very proud of her boys, William and Harry and how they are following in her footsteps. 

3-       What other music have you been working on? 

Answer: I like to write current event songs – especially about politics because there is so much going on. I have fun writing political satires like – ‘Why Don’t You run for President?” and ‘We’re so Unhappy with Our Leaders.” You can find them on YouTube! I also love to write children’s songs – many of those songs are found on YouTube with cute animation! 

4-       One of your songs, “Here in the Nursery,” about the mother who had octuplets went viral with about 10 million YouTube views. What are some of your most popular songs and music videos? 

Answer: My best-selling album is the one about Princess Diana and I have put many of those songs on YouTube.  My children’s songs are popular, and I have a family musical – From Generation to Generation that has a lot of fun and beautiful songs.  My children’s math album, You’re Math-errific, also does really well.

5-       Where may people find your music? 

Answer: My website – JMRProductions.com and on CDbaby.com, Spotify, and iTunes. Just type in my name – Karen Javitch and you can find my music!

To get more information on producing one of Karen’s musicals, visithttp://hitplays.com and enter Javitch in the search engine.

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