Radiology Department on Montserrat Undergoes Mammogram Training

Mammogram training on Montserrat

Ministry of Health and Social Services

Release Date

Tuesday, April 16, 2024


The Radiology Unit of the Ministry of Health and Social Services has successfully completed an application training aimed at enhancing the Unit’s proficiency in operating the recently installed Planmed Clarity TM 3D Mammogram system.

PlanmedTM is a leading provider of medical imaging equipment, specializing in mammography solutions.

The training took place from 9th to 11th April and was conducted by Inga-Maarit Takalo; a Radiographer Application Specialist from PlanmedTM

Throughout the training sessions, local radiographers delved into various aspects of the PlanmedTM Clarity Mammogram Unit. This included gaining insights into the functioning of its components and mastering the technical expertise to conduct the necessary quality assurance and calibration tests. Additionally, the programme provided extensive training on mammogram image acquisition and optimization techniques.

Health Officials highlighted that this training was necessary to ensure staff of the Radiology Unit of the Glendon Hospital were equipped with the necessary skills to deliver high-quality mammography services.

Senior Radiographer; Antoinette Silcott, expressed her satisfaction with the training, stating, "The training was very informative and comprehensive and served as a great precursor and refresher ahead of the introduction of the new service."

The introduction of mammography services at the Glendon Hospital marks a significant milestone in health care development on island as currently the service must be accessed abroad.

Women of Montserrat can expect to benefit from the full roll out of local mammogram services by mid-year 2024.

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