Richmond Hill, Canada, Firm Acquires STEM-Based Education Franchise for Children


LaunchLife International

Release Date

Thursday, October 29, 2020


Richmond Hill, ON - (October 29, 2020) - Canadian EdTech Investment firm LaunchLife International has added a second children’s education franchise network to its portfolio. The deal to acquire Engineering for Kids, including its 89 franchised locations in 26 countries, increases LaunchLife International’s global presence to 250-plus locations in over 30 countries delivering both adult and children’s education. Engineering for Kids joins Pitman Training, School is Easy and Academy of Learning Career College in a complementary suite of franchise brands.

A star in the STEM arena, Engineering for Kids has won many awards and accreditations. The multiple programs they offer include afterschool and evening classes, camps and parties, inspiring kids aged four to 14 to explore engineering concepts in a fun, engaging environment. Learning math and science while building problem-solving skills through robotics, technology and coding activities not only opens the possibilities of the in-demand future careers in coding and engineering but also improves essential communication skills and overall confidence.

A champion of STEM education and recognized as an award-winning female entrepreneur, Dori Roberts founded Engineering for Kids in 2009. Roberts will remain at Engineering for Kids as President, while also becoming Vice President of Youth Education USA at LaunchLife International.

“Our curriculum often fills a gap in mainstream education and adds a real-life application of coding and engineering which makes the subject come alive,” said Roberts. “We are continually seeing a disconnect between a need for these skilled jobs and those qualified to fill roles. Igniting a passion for coding and engineering at a young age is key to addressing this issue. I’m delighted to join the next stage of Engineering for Kids’ development with LaunchLife International.”

Darryl Simsovic, CEO of LaunchLife International, said, “In these challenging times, we need to invest more in the future of our children and the legacy they can create for the generations who follow us. LaunchLife International is determined to drive forward our belief in the power of education and the addition of this STEM focus to our portfolio is crucial.”

Part of LaunchLife International’s vision includes reaching as many communities across the globe as possible with its unique educational services and developing a strong network of franchise partners is key in delivering a long-term, sustainable impact.

“Our expertise in educational product development, business systems and technology, and first-class customer service, will benefit Engineering for Kids’ stakeholders at every level. Harnessing synergies across the four brands will bring great learning opportunities for our students and growth for our franchise partners,” added Simsovic.

With almost 100 locations in Canada across all brands, LaunchLife International expects Engineering for Kids to steam ahead into 2021. Prospective franchise partners will help kids globally grow their appreciation for studying robotics, coding and STEM-related subjects, especially important with the substantial learning loss children have experienced during the COVID-19 lockdowns.

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