Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc Launches Upgraded A Brand Focused on Mindset, Growth and Empowerment


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Friday, January 15, 2021


A new brand has been launched whose focus is to inspire more positivity and empowerment in a world increasingly beset with negativity. The brand JRbrandCo has revamped its online presence with an upgraded e-commerce facility, providing products that fit in line with the brand's motto to "Live intentionally"

JRbrandCo comes at a time when the world is in a state of chaos, as the COVID-19 pandemic takes it toll on many people around the world. The brand is owned and managed by Canadian based investment solutions and facilitation company, Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies Inc. (RKI).

Founder & CEO of RKI, Mr Jeevan A. Robinson stated; "JRbrandCo is the first in-house brand developed by RKI. The purpose of this enterprise is to help individuals express their power and also to showcase and project more positive energy into the world. The world we live in today needs it more than ever. JRbrandCo's products are carefully selected to give our clients that feeling of empowerment, growth and expressing their personal power! We have great things in store, and big expectations for JRbrandCo."

JRbrandCo's offers its products online at

Robinson explains that in an era where we are seeing a huge surge in online activity with lockdowns across many cities, the best way to reach the largest number of people is online.

In addition, he states; "JRbrandCo represents the first solution based offering from RKI Strategies' Technology and Digitisation arm. We have other branded solutions within other sectors, that we have been working on for the past year and half to go live during the first half of 2021. We decided to start with JRbrandCo as our mission firstly is to inspire and encourage people to #justbe for this new year and beyond."

JRbrandCo offers inspiration T-Shirts, accessory wear, bracelets, pillows and other motivational pieces. More products will be added over time. Presently the company is offering an introductory 10% off all purchases until the end of February, 2021. To access this 10% discount, clients may use the promo code "PROMO-JR" at checkout.

Robinson Kingsley Investment Strategies welcomes you to visit JRbrandco, and to Live Intentionally!

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