Rokuni: A Luxury Getaway for Asian Cuisine in Antigua & Barbuda

Rokuni Asian restaurant, Antigua

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Thursday, May 25, 2023


Finding the perfect spot to eat when going to Antigua and Barbuda has never been so easy with the opening of Rokuni. Located on Antigua’s East Coast at Nonsuch Bay Residences, the restaurant by Rocks Group features an Asian-inspired menu combined with the best the Caribbean has to offer, while also providing a great variety of cocktails in its independent bar that would make anyone’s taste buds ask for more. 

The location has everything a luxury hideaway needs: a massive infinity pool with a brand-new sundeck, verdant pavilions and plenty of comfortable loungers. The restaurant provides more than just a culinary experience since, with its Rokuni & Relax Experiences, guests can enjoy the pool, its amazing views and comfort while tasting the best Rokuni offers. Its menu was curated by the award-winning team at Rocks Group, including Cambodian-born Head Chef Ouch An and Executive Group Chef Simon Christey-French to create a thrilling Asian-inspired menu designed for sharing while only using quality ingredients that have been sustainably sourced.

With favourites lke crispy duck pancakes, bibimbap and sashimi, the menu also features different types of sushi and dim sum like glazed pork bao buns, dumplings, and crab tempura. The variety of dishes is one of the reasons people stay there for long hours since they can easily have lunch, relax in the pool during the afternoon with some desserts and nice drinks, then end the experience with a nice dinner.

Many travellers reviewed Rokuni as a must-visit restaurant in Antigua and Barbuda due to the amazing service offered and the variety of events that happens at the location with live music and Sushi and Sake nights for example. The restaurant also is available for private events like weddings, corporate parties and more, all uniquely tailored to the client’s goals.

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