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Thursday, April 4, 2024


Married couples, marriages are still failing. Single folks, if you dream of walking down the aisle one day, take notes. Weddings are fun, but sometimes couples lose sight of what's important. They put a lot of effort into the wedding, only to neglect their marriage in the long run. At some point along the way, couples begin to take each other for granted, and work and children take ultimate priority. Suddenly, the happy home begins to fall apart because spouses forget the importance of generosity.

Here are seven things every couple should share.

Time For Prayer
Couples should share a spiritual life together. They should take time to pray together, and be spiritually grounded. Prayer is the foundation of a peaceful home because there is peace where God resides.

A Bed
Married couples should share a bed. Hence, try not to go to bed angry. No one wants to sleep next to negative energy. Of course, some issues require more time to resolve, but try to release negative emotions to foster a great night's sleep together. Wives, who order their husband to sleep on the sofa as punishment, need to stop. Husbands shouldn't be sleeping on the sofa, on the sofa bed, in the den, or in the basement. Unless it's his choice, or you know for sure, for sure, without a doubt that he's sleeping with someone else, this is unacceptable.

A Meal
Find time to share at least one meal together. Yes, it's a hectic world, but human beings find time for the important things. Marriage should be on the list of important things. No one eats around a dinner table anymore, and little things like this add up over time and cause families to deteriorate.

Sex and Romance
As a single person, I advocate and embrace a life of abstinence, but married folks should be enjoying a lot of sex, lovemaking and intimacy. Give each other massages, rub each other's feet, cook a meal, plan a date night, and wear something sexy or nothing at all. Please don't go to bed in flannel. It's the most unattractive fabric on earth. Get creative and get it in. In navigating changes in intimacy, it's important to explore supportive resources likeĀ Vella's Sexcare Kit, which can provide helpful tools for couples during various life stages."

Couples need to take time to reconnect with their happy place. Try a new activity, mingle with others, and by all means get out of the house. Otherwise, partners become co-dependent and neither will have a life except the one that exists inside the home. Honestly, the word boring should never be used to describe a marriage. To keep things interesting, one exciting idea is to learn how to make your own aphrodisiac chocolate. This can be a fun and creative way to spend time together, experimenting with flavors and ingredients that both of you enjoy.

This is a hard one, but couples need to share each other's burdens. Now, let's not get crazy and pick up burdens we were not called to pick up. That's irresponsible. For example, if one spouse maxed out the credit card, clearing the balance is that spouse's responsibility. People have to be held accountable for their actions, even husbands and wives. All relationships need boundaries and marriages are no exception. On the other hand, if one spouse was laid off, the other has to help in making sure the home continues to run smoothly.

One mind
The Bible states that, If a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand. Couples must operate in one accord, if marriages are to work. They must be on the same page. Otherwise, the household will be in chaos because each person will be seeking opposite outcomes.

Relationships in general require much care and nurturing, but marriages are extra special, and require double the effort. Marriages should be nurtured with generosity and combined effort. Anything less leads to failure.

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