Six Heels Every Woman Should Own

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Mashum Mollah

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Tuesday, April 5, 2022


Heels aren’t a simple shoe to own. There are a lot of different styles, heel options, and more. While heels have been associated with high style forever, choosing the right ones can be a chore. But why choose at all? Here are some of the heel staples that every woman should have on hand. You can even choose multiple colors of each to ensure that you always have the right heels to match your styles.

1.    Kitten Heels

There was a time when kitten heels were nowhere near high fashion. However, we soon realized that kitten heels make it easier to walk – and walk for long distances or periods – without hurting our feet. They are a bit more relaxed than higher heels and can be worn with just about anything. Kitten heels can come in a variety of styles even within the category, including backless, slippers, loafers, and strappy options. You should own at least one pair of super pointy kitten heels, too.

2.    Slingbacks

Slingbacks are a timeless heel. The standard heel formula is shaken up with a strap along the back of the heel instead of full coverage. They can create an entirely new shape and feel for your outfit, so you should have a couple of options on hand. These heels really add an air of class to whatever you pair them with, so make sure to choose some nice neutral options that go with anything. For a comparison between different heel styles, you can visit Shoe Time for an in-depth look at butterfly heels versus chunky heels

3.    Ankle Strap

Ankle strap heels make a lovely statement when paired with cropped jeans, shorts, or capris. Adding ankle strap heels to a pencil skirt certainly makes a bold statement. These classic heels draw attention, so it’s natural to want to have a couple of pairs on hand. The great thing about ankle strap heels is the variety available within the style. The ankle strap doesn’t have to be plain. Some types wrap multiple times, have a chunkier feel, and more.

Ankle strap heels are ideal for wear throughout the day and are great for your evening wear styles. You can’t go wrong with having a few of these on hand.

4.    Stilettos

Stilettos are the traditional high-rise women’s heels. They have a beautiful shape, a thin heel, and are notoriously difficult to walk in. However, they provide such a lovely silhouette and timeless appeal that they will never stop being popular. They are the heels you reach for when you want to make a statement. A pair of black or white stilettos can pull an outfit together, but they aren’t for the faint of heart.

5.    Platforms

Platform heels look clunky and heavy, but they are actually more supportive than most of the heels in your closet! You might not find cause to wear your platform heels every day, but they can add some class to special occasions. Pair your favorite platforms with a maxi dress, a gown, or longer jeans. They’re easy to dress up or down depending on what style you’re rocking for the day.

Plus, they are one of the only heel types you can wear socks with! Make a statement with ruffled socks or printed options to take your outfits to the next level. Don’t be afraid of the chunky footprint of the platform heel – they’re actually lovely once you get used to them. Plus, they can help if you have trouble walking in standard heels.

6.    Pumps

Pumps should be one of the first heel styles you go for when you start to build your wardrobe. Pumps are classic and chic, with a ton of style options and collections that can class up your wardrobe for every season. Pointed toes or square, there’s an option for everyone. You should invest in some classic pumps in black, nude, and white to get started. From there, you can expand your options to include animal prints, leather, and more intricate silhouette options.


While styles may change over time, timeless heels will always be in style. If you’re lacking any of these great styles, don’t be afraid to pick up a few pairs in universal or neutral colors. You’ll get a lot of use out of them, particularly if you’re often wearing your favorite heels for a night out. For a comparison between different heel styles, you can visit Shoe Time for an in-depth look at butterfly heels versus chunky heels

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