Spoken Word: A Joint of Sugarcane


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Thursday, October 11, 2018


Parsons road, Alliouagana rugged and true
Tractor trailers packed with sugar cane too
Little boys running behind trying to flex their bravery
Pulling off one cane ending up with maybe three
En route to the sugar mill to press - heat making molasses
The remnants of slavery's economics bursting our asses
We are begging for a joint of cane

Colonialism on our minds - a cutlas and a well sharpen hoe
It’s either sugar cane or cotton when told we are what we know
We produced the crop that they then wanted to sell
Our under development was a mooring in their wishing well
Like molasses the plot thickens, they joined the European market
Unloading islands, economics and geography they kept our packet
Still we beg for a joint like an addict on cocaine

If others seek independence they and their main crop are sliced
Their economy must descend, setting an example it’s unwise
Still racing behind the tractor of progress hoping
To reach a sweet juicy succulent cane while barely coping
As greedy corrupt leaders utilize self worth versus aiding a nation
When that reality is highlighted the people react in frustration
Can we please have a joint of sugar cane

Some build their islands but greedy politicians stifle the progress
Growing economy with youthful minds and no foundation will digress
We the under developed ones kneel and bow to the hem of the dress
The tractor is moving still we can’t generate a leader so we regress
Joints and growth from the same patch, two wont be the same
Tread carefully, select the leader that has the most cultural aim
And pull your own damn sugar cane

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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