Spoken Word: Assignment


William "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Sunday, October 28, 2018


The ocean glistens from the star light twinkling sky
A moored boat rocks from the wake of a dingy passing by
Black sand under the shining moon exposes its glossy effect
Holding her in my arms this rigid conversation I did not detect
She said ‘Life is a tough assignment my friend
Whine, dine, expensive gifts, then copulation, it’s not the end
Tell me if you”re a member of the never compete trilogy
One can”t win against a dead, same sex, or a baby, it’s pure misery
They are a recurring, masturbating memory -  all needed is a fantasy
In one secluded heart wrenching spot of passion pleasure or pain
The rails of life are laid and it’s headed on that fast moving train
Am I your assignment

That anchored ship in calm water turns as the current flows
The presence of a stable life does not mean there are no woes
This sensually terse woman is more than an assignment
Vulnerable yet holding out for a long term commitment
When your toes curl, knees get weak and you fall asleep
Let’s not leave me with a thought that makes me weep
Are you one who will not sleep with Tom, Dick and Harry
For it was revealed behind the scenes Tom is dicking Harry
Rumored, Bob Fitz Patrick is dicking Tom and Brenda in a hurry
Expose yourself let’s talk about goals and your fantasy
Do reveal your world, thoughts, aspirations and your misery
Am I your assignment

Tonight I want more than a man in pants with warm breath
She said I want to give it up to you but I’m scared for my health
I’m a very protective person and when I fall in love I do it hard
This woman is not a run around, neither am I a wild card
If your assignment is to conquer, release and run let me know
This fragile heart is in need of affection not a touch and go
Your words and actions paint a trusted picture of care
But in this twisted world I need to know if love is coming here
Am I the woman of your dreams, a rebound, or a transition
Are you a stalker, or am I a stop over on your mission
This woman’s heart and life is not on consignment
So tell me before I have to cry "am I your assignment?"

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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