Spoken Word: Close The Cell


Wlliam "Bubbles" Galloway

Release Date

Sunday, February 10, 2019


It was the month end they resorted to six thirty and bend
Somebody wanted pleasure, somebody money to spend
Two married bisexual men got caught in a sexual dead end
A twisted need to satisfy other than borrow or lend
Hidden secrets that if exposed both families it will offend
Their wives were pregnant so they enter each other to pretend
One’s wife showed up a slithering dishonor he could not defend
If it was another woman, then that she almost could comprehend
Maybe it was his moans and accepting groans as tones in ascend
But stalk naked in her bed him at the receiving end

Split decisions which port of entry he wanted next
Charity began at home so his bedroom was a test
That day the wife wanted lunch and a much needed rest
Work was trifling and her nerves was getting less
A surprise lunch time at home would not be hard to digest
Him a prison warden a respectable position one digress
It was oral, and anal in the switch position a sword fight to ingest
Witnessing the long extraction from his rectal cavity at best
A gay man will hope they were taking pictures feeling blessed
He fell back as the elongated shaft discharged fluid on his chest
From the next room she saw. She shouted “surely you jest”
Receiving counselling my ass cum in your mouth I’m not impressed

There she was enraged, betrayed blood boiling hotter than hell
At the window mouth agape words rattling randomly as she yell
She felt cheated knocked down her voice resound and fell
Wanting to tell someone she lost pride for who can she tell
It wasn’t the first time but he promised for her anxiety to quell
She’s screaming he felt undone unmoved as tears in her eye swell
In an exorcism experience way he yelled “Close the damn cell”
Zoned her out antagonized wanted the satisfaction clear as a bell
Acceptance door was open options were few his manhood rebel
The digi cell switch was evident she needed a new shaft not a duel
Accept their double sexual life or scratch the bottom of the barrel

Note: William "Bubbles" Galloway is MNI Media's Resident Spoken Word Contributor

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